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Washington County Hospital
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Conference Rooms A and B


Members Present:
Dale Blohm, Chair
Matt Bierman
Dan Bronke
Audrey Finke
Victor Lopez
Bill Manier
Diane Nottmeyer
Greg Engele


Member Not Present:
J. W. Metcalf, excused


Others Present:
Nancy Newby, CEO
Dave Davenport, HR Director (exited 7:48 p.m.)
Ruth Kellerman, QA Coordinator (exited 7:48 p.m.)
Kim Larkin, CIO (exited 7:48 p.m.)
Elaine Matzenbacher, CFO
Alfonso Urdaneta, M.D., Medical Staff President (arrived 7:25 p.m.
     exited 7:35 p.m.; returned 8:10 p.m.; exited 8:55 p.m.)
Haresh Motwani, M.D. (arrived 7:25 p.m.; exited 8:55 p.m.)
Jill Biermann, R.N. (exited 8:15 p.m.)
Robin Biermann, M.D. (exited 8:15 p.m.)


Others Not Present:
Tammy Amizich, CNE, excused


Called to Order:         7:05 p.m.
Adjourned:                 9:13 p.m.


Meeting Agenda
The agenda of the March 26, 2013, meeting of the Washington County Hospital Board of Directors was presented for review and approval. 

The following amendment was made:
Correction:       IV. A.  FY2013-14 Board Slate of Officers – Diane Nottmeyer Victor Lopez - Motion

On a motion by Diane Nottmeyer and second by Greg Engele, the Board unanimously voted to approve the March 26, 2013, meeting agenda with the aforementioned amendment.


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes
The following meetings minutes were presented for review and approval:

  • Board of Directors, February 26, 2013.
  • Finance Committee, February 26, 2013.
  • Nominating Committee, March 25, 2013.

On a motion by Audrey Finke and second by Bill Manier, the Board unanimously voted to approve the aforementioned meetings minutes.


Financial and Statistical Report
Elaine Matzenbacher, CFO, presented the Financial and Statistical Report for February 2013.  Highlights of the report were:

Total Patient Revenue was $1,874,017.  Total Provisions were $864,216.  Total Net Operating Revenue was $1,073,131.  Total Operating Expenses were $1,048,218.  Income from Operations was $24,913, with YTD Income ($209,651).  Total Non-Operating Revenue was $32,139, with YTD Total Non-Operating Revenue of $515,193.  Total Income was $57,052, with YTD Income $305,542.

Additional noted items:

  • Total Patient Revenues were 4.7% ($93,165) under budget. 
  • Contractual Adjustments were 5.7% under budget.  Bad Debts were $51,210 (10.4% under budget).
  • Other Operating Revenue was over budget by $32,293 in the month as Medicaid has continued double assessment payments. 
  • Salaries were 3.9% under budget.
  • Employee benefits were 20.4% under budget.  Group Health insurance was the primary reason for this.
  • Supplies and Other Expenses were .7% under budget. 
  • Total Operating Expenses were 7.1% under budget. 
  • Non-operating income was under budget in the month as there was not much in the way of donations or grant income. 
  • Cash and Investments were up to $1,223,701 compared to a year ago of $252,676—almost $1million swing.

On a motion by Diane Nottmeyer and second by Victor Lopez, the Board unanimously voted to approve the February 2013 Financial and Statistical Report.


IS/CT Update
Kim Larkin, CIO, provided the following IS and CT updates:

  • Star Garden – Payroll, Timekeeping and Human Resources
    • The first parallel test run of a past payroll is scheduled March 27, and adjustments will be made as needed.  Then, a second parallel test run of a current payroll will be run.  When run is successful, then Kronos system will be cutover to Star Garden.
    • IT staff are currently training in administration of system.  Managers will be trained and then train their staff.  PCs will be added in work areas to clock in/out.
    • Still anticipate an April payroll switch, then will focus on the HR component.
  • CT Scanner
    • Current CT - Tube went out last week and was repaired.  Services were down for two days with no significant interruptions—two outpatients were rescheduled and one inpatient was transferred to Pinckneyville Community Hospital.
    • New CT – The second or third week in September, GE will de-install the old CT followed by Siemens installation of the new CT with an anticipated maximum down time of one week.
    • As directed by the Board at the February meeting, Elaine obtained bids for a CT equipment lease with $1 buyout after five years.  Several bids were received including one from Siemens.  The Siemens bid was lowest and selected at a cost less than the current $13,600 monthly payment. 
    • Bids will be sought for service contract on new CT scanner.
  • Imaging – Mammography Services
    • Numbers have been declining and were extremely low in February and March for no known reason.  Again, it was speculated this may be due to changes in the healthcare industry, economy, seasonal, special promotions, etc.
    • The new mammography suite has received positive feedback and former patients have returned
    • PR will focus on marketing this service.

FY2013-14 Board Slate of Officers
Nominating Committee Chair Victor Lopez reported that the Committee met in March and recommended the following slate of officers for FY2013-14:

  • Chair – Dale Blohm
  • First Vice Chair – J. W. Metcalf
  • Second Vice Chair – Diane Nottmeyer
  • Treasurer – Greg Engele
  • Secretary – Victor Lopez


On a motion by Bill Manier and second by Diane Nottmeyer, the Board unanimously voted to approve the above recommended slate of Board officers for FY2013-14.


Board Committees Appointments FY2013-14
Chair Dale Blohm made the following Board Committees appointments for FY 2013-14:


1. Executive Committee

  • Dale Blohm - Chair
  • J. W. Metcalf- First Vice Chair
  • Diane Nottmeyer - Second Vice Chair
  • Greg Engele - Treasurer
  • Victor Lopez - Secretary
  • (Past Chair - Vacant)
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

2. Finance Committee

  • Greg Engele - Chair
  • Audrey Finke
  • Victor Lopez
  • Matt Bierman
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

3. Buildings and Grounds

  • J. W. Metcalf - Chair
  • Greg Engele    
  • Bill Manier
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

4. Joint Conference Committee

  • Dale Blohm - Chair
  • Diane Nottmeyer
  • Audrey Finke
  • Alfonso Urdaneta, M.D. - Medical Staff President – Co-Chair
  • Mohammed Siddiqui, M.D. - Medical Staff Vice President
  • Robert Davidson, M.D. - Medical Staff Secretary
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

5.  Nominating Committee

  • Diane Nottmeyer - Chair
  • Matt Bierman
  • Bill Manier
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

6.  Personnel, Recruitment & Management Contract Review Committee

  •  J. W. Metcalf - Chair
  • Dan Bronke
  • Greg Engele
  • Nancy Newby - Ex-officio Member

WCH Annual Inservice

  • Annual inservice will begin April 1 with deadline for completion April 30. 
  • Again this year, training will utilize self-training and on-line educational programs, take-home packets with competency testing and minimal return equipment demonstrations.  Most of this will be done on regularly scheduled work time rather than overtime.
  • Goal:  meet all of The Joint Commission and State educational requirements, ensure staff competency for patient care and accomplish in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

WCH Annual Health Fair
National Hospital Week
WCH Auxiliary Annual Luncheon

  • WCH’s Annual Health Fair will be Thursday, May 16.  Lab tests will be offered at a reduced rate.  Information/education booths will be available, also.
  • National Hospital Week will be May 12-18, and we will have some activities for staff to celebrate.
  • WCH Auxiliary’s Annual Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, May 9, at noon.  Board members are welcome to attend.

Marketing Update

  • Banners – have received positive feedback.
  • Billboard – is pale and not visible and is being redesigned in bolder colors.  An additional billboard is being considered, also.
  • WCH 50th anniversary/historical articles have been published in Nashville News, The Sentinel “Visions,” and in Okawville Times.
  • Ads are running regarding WCH rehab therapy and rural health clinic services.
  • In celebration of National Hospital Week, the employee gift is a sweatshirt with a logo recognizing WCH’s 50th anniversary.

Room Renovations/Roof Maintenance

  • Patient room renovations have been put on hold to address water seepage.
  • Roof maintenance is on the Capital List for later in the year; however, due to water issues, approval was requested to complete the project prior to continuing room renovations.

On a motion by Greg Engele and second by Victor Lopez, the Board unanimously voted to approve the Lakeside Roofing Company bid to reroof the LTC wing at a cost of $12,323.00, and replace flashing and ballast on the rest of the roof at a cost of $18,954.30, totaling $31,277.30.


Chargemaster Review

  • Grant funds—$10,000—have been refunded from the GRIP project since no significant increased revenue streams were identified.
  • CFO Elaine Matzenbacher requested that the refunded grant monies be used toward a chargemaster review which has not been done since 2008.  Of three bids received, the lowest bidder Eide-Bailey was recommended at a cost of $23,500.  Subsequently, WCH’s expense will be $13,500.

On a motion by Diane Nottmeyer and second by Victor Lopez, the Board unanimously voted to approve a chargemaster review by Eide-Bailey at a cost of $23,500 utilizing $10,000 grant funds and WCH paying the difference of $13,500.


Community Questions and Answers
Clarification was provided regarding the roofing project.


Closed Meeting
At 7:48 p.m. on a motion by Victor Lopez and second by Audrey Finke, the Board took a roll call vote to enter closed session under Open Meetings Public Act 88-621 Sections 2(C)(17)(21).  Bierman AYE, Blohm AYE, Bronke AYE, Engele AYE, Finke AYE, Lopez AYE, Manier AYE, Nottmeyer AYE.  Motion carried.

At 9:12 p.m. on a motion by Greg Engele and second by Audrey Finke Board took a roll call vote to leave closed session and re-enter open session.  Bierman AYE, Blohm AYE, Bronke AYE, Engele AYE, Finke AYE, Lopez AYE, Manier AYE, Nottmeyer AYE.  Motion carried.


Board of Directors Closed Meeting Minutes
The following meeting minutes were presented for review and approval:

  • Board of Directors closed, February 26, 2013.

On a motion by Audrey Finke and second by Victor Lopez, the Board unanimously voted to approve the aforementioned meeting minutes.


On a motion by Diane Nottmeyer and second by Bill Manier, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 9:13 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Victor Lopez, Secretary

Board of Directors
Washington County Hospital



WCH Board

Dale Blohm, Board Chairman
J.W. Metcalf, 1st Vice Chairman
Diane Nottmeyer, 2nd Vice Chairman
Victor Lopez, Secretary
Greg Engele, Treasurer

Bill Manier, Member

Audrey Finke, Member

Matt Bierman, Member


Administrative Team

Nancy Newby, Chief Executive Officer

Tammy Amizich, Chief Nurse Executive
Kim Larkin, Chief Information Officer
Elaine Matzenbacher, Chief Financial Officer

Dave Davenport, Human Resources Director
Ruth Kellerman, Quality Coordinator


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