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Health Resources


Advance Directives/
Living Wills

> US Living Will Registry


> CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse

Background Information
and Facts

> Alternative Health News Online
> AMA - Health Insight
> Cesarean Section Homepage
> Dr. Gabe Mirkin on
   Health and Fitness
> Educational Resources
   about Antibodies
> Eye Care Council, Inc.
> Harvard Health
   Publications Online
> Health Media Lab
   (online training food, daycare etc.)
> Human Anatomy Online
> Kidsource Online
> Lab Tests Online
> Merck Manual
> Neuroscience for Kids
> Talk Medical
> Vaccine Page

> Novasure



> American Cancer Society


> American Association
   of diabetes Educators
> American Diabetes Association
> CDC - Diabetes
   Public Health Resource
Diabetes Lifeline
> Diabetic-recipes.com
> The Joslin Diabetes Center
> National Diabetes
   Education Program
> National Institute of Diabetes
   & Digestive and Kidney Diseases


> Dictionary of Street Drug Slang


> Education Digest (Coaching)
> The Fitness Files
> Media
> Physical Education Central


GERD/Acid Reflux Treatments
> Incisionless EsophyX Procedure


Fun and Easy Ways
to Teach Nutrition

> Dole 5 A Day Program
Healthy Fridge
> International Food
   Information Council
> Nutrition explorations

General Research Sites

> Pare cats site Kids teens
> WebMD
> American Academy of Family Physicians

> Joint Commission Accredited (JCAHO)

Infectious Diseases

> Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.


> Alzheimer Disease: Care & Research
> Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Teacher Resources

> Access Excellence
> Teaches Lessons plans
   on Health Ed K-6 guide

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