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Skilled Nursing

The Skilled Nursing Program (Swing Bed Program) is a hospital-based intensive program designed to help individuals who no longer need acute care in a hospital, yet need more skilled short-term rehabilitation services before they return home. Common diagnoses treated in skilled nursing programs include orthopedic injuries (hip/knee replacements, fractures, post-surgical procedures), neurological disorders (stroke, Parkinsons disease), generalized weakness due to diagnoses such as CHF, pneumonia, COPD, back injuries, gait abnormalities, some chronic disorders and cognitive deficits. An interdisciplinary care team meets weekly to address each patients needs while creating realistic goals that are met through the use of nursing services, physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy, and other clinical services.
The Skilled Nursing Program is geared to those with Medicare benefits, as this is a Medicare-based service. Some private insurance companies will negotiate this service and arrangements can also be made for self-pay. Stays are anticipated to be short-term, and admission and length of stay are based on specific criteria. Skilled Nursing patients are accepted from many different hospitals. A physician referral is required for this service.
For more information, please call (618) 327-2292.

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