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Phillip Apprill, MD of Metro Heart Group of St. Louis, MO provide cardiology services every Monday and once a month on Tuesdays, as well as cardiac stress testing and interpretation of EKG and echocardiography. A referral by a physician is required.


Eric Funk, M.D. of Cardiovascular Specialists of Illinois provides cardiology services once a month on Thursdays. To  schedule an appointment with Dr. Funk call 618-241-1350.



Jose Ramirez, M.D., provides care and treatment of
patients with gastrointestinal diseases. Dr. Ramirez
works with our surgery staff to perform diagnostic and
screening endoscopic procedures. These services are
available every Tuesday. For an appointment call
(618) 327-2225 or (618) 327-2312.

Clinical Psychology

Fred Klug, Ph.D., provides clinical
psychology services to adults and children.
For an appointment call
(618) 327-2225.


Dr. Syed Shah holds a clinic once a month on Fridays. Dr. Shah works with primary care physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. To schedule an appointment call 618-241-9587.



Michael Gabel, M.D., of St. Louis works with our
surgical staff to perform eye surgical procedures and
laser treatments. Dr Gabel performs treatments on the
third Friday of every month. An appointment can be
made with Dr Gabel by calling (618) 327-2312.


Ben Houle, M.D. of Orthopedic Center of Southern Illinois, Mt Vernon holds clinic on Friday afternoons. Dr. Houle specializes in general orthopedics and sports medicine. Appointments can be made with Dr. Houle by calling (618) 242-5727.

Outpatient Infusion Clinic


Washington County Hospital & Rural Health Clinic offers a wide range of infusion services such as chemotherapy, iron infusions, antibiotics, rheumatoid arthritis medications, osteoarthritis medications and electrolyte therapy. Infusions require a physician’s order. For questions or to schedule an appointment call 618-327-5731.


Thomas Kirisits, D.P.M., of St. Louis, provides care
and treatment of the foot. Foot health is very important,
especially to those with diabetes and vascular
problems. Dr Kirisits is available every Monday.
Please call (618) 327-2225 for an appointment.



You may schedule an appointment by calling 618-327-2225.

Women's Health

Heartland Women’s Healthcare is seeing patients at Washington County Hospital’s Medical Clinic on Wednesdays. Heartland is a comprehensive practice that specializes in women’s healthcare. They oversee the care of women in all phases of life and cover a full range of OB/GYN, reproductive and perinatal services. For an appointment, call 1-877-997-5266.




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