Lifeline Services


Washington County Hospital proudly offers the Lifeline Personal Response System as a service to the residents of our county. This system provides peace of mind to our clients and their families because it means that help is never far away should an emergency arise. Lifeline Systems is the oldest and largest provider of personal response systems in North America. A single push of the Lifeline Personal Help Button (worn around the neck or wrist) automatically dials for help at the Lifeline Response Center. Trained personnel who have instant access to clients’ information will contact the client immediately to determine what help is needed. Help will be sent right away, whether it is a neighbor, a family member or an ambulance.


All it takes is a phone call and completion of a few forms. It takes a short while to install the home unit and test the system. There is a small initial activation fee and a low monthly payment. The Lifeline Basic Service costs little more than a dollar a day, but the peace of mind that it brings is priceless.

Click here to print your form.

For more information, contact (618) 327-2269 or (618) 327-8236.