It’s been a journey of more than a year – including planning, building the system, testing, training and more – as Washington County Hospital officially moves to a single, integrated Epic electronic health record (EHR) system.

Epic, the number one EHR, provides the most complete record of the patient’s health on a single platform, accessible to providers and staff.  In addition, SSM MyChart is a robust patient portal for scheduling appointments within select departments, requesting medication refills, checking lab results and receiving personalized disease management education.  “We are excited about the implementation of Epic, which will help us best serve each patient by enabling improved continuity of care and team workflows” states Brian Monsma, President.

Washington County Hospital employees and operational leaders have helped to ensure readiness across key areas – training, playground use, tip sheets, workflow understanding, online training roles and Hospital Registration impact.

A team of SSM Health IT professionals and clinicians have been working with Washington County Hospital to ensure the EHR implementation and go-live process runs smoothly. “Many hours and many hands have worked diligently for months to prepare the organization for the transition to Epic”, states Kim Larkin, CIO.  “This is truly a team effort and will benefit our patients and staff for many years”

On October 9th, Washington County Hospital will go-live with Epic, and all hands will be on deck. In addition to providers and staff, SSM Health Epic experts will help navigate the transition, which will begin at 12:01 a.m.

The new Epic system will help to streamline health data exchange between SSM Health and other Epic users across the country.  The workforce at WCH is excited to transition to Epic and many staff have used this system within SSM Health and other organizations.    Here are what a few have to say.  “I am super excited about the Epic changeover. Epic is going to allow us to have access to a much more complete and accurate health record. It will facilitate an inter-disciplinarian approach to patient care. Communication and continuity of care will be greatly improved with having one system to access records from many different health organizations. It is going to save time and facilitate better more efficient care to our patients,” states Andrea Baldwin, FNP-C.  “Epic will improve patient experience at WCH”, states Erika Hunter, RN. She explained that with Epic, our Emergency Department providers have access to all patient records from across multiple healthcare organizations and providers to enhanced continuity of care.  Kendra VanNatta, Radiology Technologist stated, “I have worked in Epic with other healthcare organizations and I am excited for the transition at WCH.  Epic will help make patient experiences smoother with the simplified workflow.”