Move For Mission

Washington County Hospital is excited to announce the “Move for Mission” Chair Exercises will be available every Tuesday and Friday starting at 12:00 noon.  This class will be located in the lower level conference rooms of the hospital.  Our first class was Friday, Feb. 3rd

“Move for Missions” is a program that was started by Alexandra Waugh as her project to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award. This project was special to Alexandra because she had her grandparents in mind.  She saw how keeping physically moving was a great benefit for them.  She did not see other opportunities in this area for seniors to have a place to participate in group exercise programs.  Alexandra thought that creating and implementing a senior based exercise class would fulfill the requirements to help the community, make a global impact, as well as be sustainable.  As a secondary benefit, there is no cost to attend these classes, so a donation in lieu of the fee is all that is asked for.  This donation will help with missions across the globe.

Now that Alexandra has completed her project and received the Girl Scout Gold Award, Tanya Stewart has offered to volunteer her time to lead the exercise classes. Tanya states, “What a better way than to help others live a more independent life while having fun.”  These classes are NOT just for seniors, any age is welcome.  Each class will last between 30 and 45 minutes.  It is a low impact exercise, which most can be done using a chair.  A faithful participant since the first class said, “I just can’t believe what a difference this makes in how I feel and my mobility.”  Again, there is no fee for the class.  Any donation would be appreciated to go to help the missions across the globe.