National Doctors’ Day

March 30th is National Doctors’ Day – a day to honor the men and women who work diligently to take care of people when they are sick or injured. 

 Historically speaking, on March 30th in 1958, a Resolution commemorating Doctor’s Day was adopted by the United States House of Representatives and in 1990 legislation was finally passed which established March 30th as National Doctor’s Day.  Doctors spend many years in school, clinical training and completing residencies to provide excellent care and healing for patients.  We should never take these highly trained professionals for granted.


The physicians practicing at Washington County Hospital & Medical Group provide exceptional healthcare for our community. The physicians in the Emergency Room from the Midwest Emergency Department Services (MEDS) provide trauma and urgent care 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  


We are very blessed to have excellent physicians in our Rural Health Clinic, providing primary and preventative care Monday through Friday 7:30 am – 7:00 pm. Thank you to Drs. Robert Davidson, M.D.; Ginger Fewell, M.D.; Mohammed Siddiqui, M.D.; Alfonso Urdaneta, M.D. and also to Pam Lowry, ANP for all that you do for our patients.  Other active staff physicians include: Robin Biermann, M.D.; Pamella Gronemeyer, M.D.; Aiman Hawasli, M.D.


We are also blessed with multiple Specialty Physicians that provide care to the patients in our community so that they do not have to travel to receive care. Special thanks to: Phillip Apprill, M.D. and Avinash Murthy, M.D., Cardiology; Jose Ramirez, M.D., Gastroenterology; Syed Shah, M.D., Neurology; Michael Gabel, M.D., Opthamology; Heartland OB/GYN; Ben Houle, M.D., Orthopedics; and Thomas Kirisits, DPM, Podiatry.  We are grateful for your many years of caring service to our patients and for your support of our rural hospital.


Washington County Hospital Board of Directors, Administration, and Staff want to take this opportunity to thank and honor all the physicians in our community. These individuals are dedicated to their patients and work collectively with their colleagues to continually improve the quality of health care and services that are provided at Washington County Hospital.  Please join us in saying “Thank You” and expressing appreciation to our physicians for the care and support they give each of us.