Virtual Video Visits in the Rural Health Clinic

                                                                                            WCH Rural Health Clinic Video Visit Information

We are excited to be offering video visits to better serve our patients.  To participate in a video visit you will need a mobile device with a camera like a smartphone or tablet, or a computer with video and microphone capability.  You will need to download an app to your device and create an account with a valid email address.

Download video conference app

To sign up via mobile device go to your app store (iPhone:  app store, Android:  google play store) and download Zoom Cloud Meetings app to your device.  Once downloaded open the app and create your account with email address and a password.  The app will send a confirmation email to you.  This may take a few minutes and you may need to refresh your email.  Follow the instructions in your email.

To sign up via PC go enter the following URL in your browser and click on the button that says SIGN UP, IT’S FREE.  Follow the instructions on the website.  A confirmation will be sent to your email.  This may take a few minutes and you may need to refresh your email.  Follow the instructions in your email.

To schedule an appointment

Call WCH to schedule your video appointment and you will be asked for the email address that is linked to your Zoom account.  You will be given a time slot and need to be available during a window of time.

Registration for appointment

WCH will still need to verify insurance coverage and this can be done when the appointment is scheduled.  There will be some registration questions and you will be given instructions regarding consent for visit.

Your appointment

Your provider will send a meeting invitation to your email address at your appointment time.  Remember the email may take a few minutes to arrive and you may need to refresh your email.  When you click the link inside the invitation it will connect you to your provider using Zoom.

What to expect during your video visit

You will be able to see your provider and they will be able to see you.  Your provider will also have a second screen to be able view your electronic health record.  There may be limitations to what can be seen due to lighting, for instance swollen tonsils.  Please have an accurate list of your medications that includes name of medication, the dose, and how often you take it.  Your health record will be updated the same as a usual visit and your medications will be handled as usual.