WCH Generates $32.3 Million Annual Impact on the State’s Economy

Employs 122 people; generates additional 172 jobs for the community 

Washington County Hospital is a key contributor to Illinois’ economy, creating good-paying jobs to bolster working families while enhancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve. According to a new report, Washington County Hospital provides 294 direct and indirect jobs for the community, and generates a total annual impact of $32.3 million on the state economy.

The report on Washington County Hospital’s Economic Impact was developed in conjunction with the Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) and its statewide economic impact report, Illinois Hospitals and Health Systems: Powerful Economic Drivers.

“We are proud to serve our community by providing essential healthcare services, strengthening the state economy and supporting working families with good jobs,” said Brian Monsma, President, Washington County Hospital. “Our spending on supplies and capital improvements spurs economic activity in the community. Washington County Hospital has a critical role in Illinois’ economy.”

“To continue to retain and create jobs, attract businesses to our community, and provide access to high-quality healthcare services, Illinois hospitals must have the funding support they need to remain fiscally sound,” said Monsma.

Among the report’s key findings:

Washington County Hospital employs 122 people directly, expending $8,096,910 a year on direct payroll, creating 172 in indirect jobs with $11,138,919 in indirect payroll.

Washington County Hospital spends $12,449,110 on supplies and $648,169 on capital (both direct and indirect) for a total of $13,097,279 combined.

Washington County Hospital has a total annual economic impact of $32.3 million.

As the organization continues to grow, Washington County Hospital is excited to announce that both walk-in clinic access and an outpatient wound center will be added in 2020.  Washington County Hospital has also posted the 2020 Economic Impact Report on our website: www.washingtoncountyhospital.org.

In addition, the report identifies the economic impact of Illinois hospitals statewide:

  • Illinois hospitals and health systems have a total impact of $101.3 billion annually on the state’s economy.
  • One in every 10 Illinois jobs is in healthcare, with the state’s hospitals and health systems employing about 285,000 people, representing 205,000 direct jobs (FTEs).
  • Illinois healthcare employment has grown by 32.1% between 2000 and 2019. In contrast, overall Illinois employment, after declining in 2010, has grown by 2.8% in recent years.
  • Healthcare and social assistance leads Illinois’ job growth, creating MORE Illinois jobs for working families than any other industry. Between 2000 and 2019, this sector created 211,300 new jobs compared to manufacturing losing 279,900 jobs. In addition, the sector is expected to grow 13.5% by 2026.
  • For every hospital job in Illinois, 1.4 jobs are created in other sectors.
  • For every dollar hospitals and health systems spend, an additional $1.40 is generated in state and local economies.

“Illinois hospitals and health systems provide vital healthcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to millions of people across our state, regardless of their ability to pay. Often unnoticed, though, is the critical impact Illinois hospitals have on their local economies and our state’s economy,” says IHA President and CEO A.J. Wilhelmi. “In addition to serving as centers of healing and hope, Illinois hospitals are also powerful drivers of economic activity and jobs. They spur additional economic activity through spending on goods, services and capital improvements.”

“To continue to attract business, create jobs and maintain community health, it is critical that Illinois have strong and adequately funded healthcare providers,” Wilhelmi adds. “Illinois hospitals have sustained billions and billions of dollars in state Medicaid and federal Medicare cuts since 2010. Just as lives depend on our hospitals, our hospitals depend on the support of government and the public.”

About Washington County Hospital

Washington County Hospital is a 22 bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH) accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC). We provide acute care, swing/skilled care, surgical services, specialty clinic services and a full range of ancillary services. We also have a 28 bed long term care unit. WCH is located in Nashville, IL just 50 miles east of St. Louis, MO. WCH is affiliated with SSM Healthcare St. Louis and SSM St. Mary’s/ Good Samaritan, Inc. in Centralia and Mt. Vernon.  For more information, see www.washingtoncountyhospital.org. Like WCH on Facebook.

About IHA

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association, with offices in Chicago, Naperville, Springfield and Washington, D.C., advocates for Illinois’ more than 200 hospitals and nearly 40 health systems as they serve their patients and communities. IHA members provide a broad range of services—not just within their walls, but across the continuum of healthcare and in their communities. Reflecting the diversity of the state, IHA members consist of nonprofit, investor-owned and public hospitals in the following categories: community, safety net, rural, critical access, specialty and teaching hospitals, including academic medical centers. For more information, see team-iha.org. Like IHA on Facebook. Follow IHA on Twitter.