WCH-New Laser Services

Washington County Hospital and Medical Group (WCH) are excited to announce our new laser services. The CO2 Nova Pulse Laser system is state of the art and ideal for our clinic setting. This unit has a combined advantage of utilizing the laser precision and hemostasis (controlling bleeding) to vaporize the lesion. This technique gives results with no bleeding, no sutures and no scarring. This laser system can be used on any raised surface. These can include but not limited to verrucas (warts), moles, papillomas (skin tags), actinic keratosis (pre-malignant), dermatofibromas, mucoceles, adjunct to ingrown toenail ablation, condylomas and external hemorrhoidectomy. There are some instances where a biopsy of the area will need to be completed before laser treatment and removal to identify if lesion is malignant or benign.

Our current Laser Clinic is held on Thursday mornings from 7:30 a.m. through 12:00 noon. Appointments are required and can be scheduled by calling 618-327-2225. If you are not currently a patient of the WCH Medical Group, a brief appointment will need to be scheduled. At this appointment staff will review and confirm that treatment with the CO2 laser is the proper course of treatment and to evaluate if a biopsy is required first.

Deb Auld, PA-C has more than 20 years of experience with laser treatment and procedures. WCH hopes to expand our laser services in the future. Please contact the WCH Medical Group with any questions or to schedule your appointment today.